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Development through Sport

 Main target

The primary target group YCF  have selected for this project are youth between the ages of 5 and 18. This includes youths from both the formal and non-formal sector.




 Project Goal and Objectives:


Goal: To promote a Culture of Non-violence, Peace and Social Responsibility among Youths in Sub-Saharan Africa through Sports Development.


Objectives: The project seeks to achieve three (3) key strategic objectives. These are:

  1. Critical partners are empowered to ensure the promotion of the value of sport as a tool for human development.

  2. Build the capacity of youths to engage in civic and social responsibility (leadership, teambuilding), conflict management and Peace education;

  3. Share lessons learned and best practices regionally.




Expected Results:

  1. Local, national and regional capacities for utilizing sport as a vehicle for peace and development enhanced.

  2. Capacity of youth groups in conflict management, prevention and education strengthened.

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