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Sport Enhancement

Youth Converts works with several sport professionals around the world to train and develop African sport practitioners in areas such as:

  • Coaching,

  • Administration

  • Sport Medicine

  • Sport Business

Practitioners who attend the development sessions will also learn how to use the skills learned to benefit their communities.

i) Main target

The primary target group for this project are African Sport professionals.




ii) Project Goal and Objectives:


Goal: To develop the skills of sport practitioners.


Objectives: The project seeks to achieve three (3) key strategic objectives. These are:

  1. Build the core sport competencies of professionals at all levels within different countries.

  2. Enhance the knowledge of targeted professionals to invest their newly gained skills into their communities

  3. Merge the sport knowledge with resolution of local issues




Expected Results:

  1. Improve capacity of sport professionals

  2. Increased knowledge of revenue generation through sport.

  3. Create a network of experts implementing similar projects on a national scale. 

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